Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Not quite, but almost... So many things buzzing around here... most of them good. Some difficult, but still... More details soon...

Cross my skyscraper heart.

love, jbg

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Analog Dreams

In analog dreams she recedes Into nothing and she's gone Bleeding into birds as they fly Against the pale, pale blue dawn Rain on the windows in the morning Means that summer's almost here And oceans of wine dark water Silently disappear Is this it? Is this it? A broken clock holds quiet hands To a face upon a wall Broken clouds summon ghosts And devils of a long forgotten fall A single tear, the smell of blood among The fading songs of rail cars The lion waits, the lamb cries out In a symphony of stars Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Is this it?


Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Blue

Full Disclosure: my understanding of reincarnation is derived largely from Apu of Simpsons fame and the song Galileo by The Indigo Girls. So... that being said, I believe that certain songs are reincarnated to be written again and again, until you get them right.

Words, phrases, ideas, themes come back... not satisfied with their bodies... and okay, sometimes whole songs too Sometimes, you write a song and you know there's something there, something that needs to be said, something that demands attention... but you just kind of whiffed on it in that particular attempt and the song fades away and dies... so years later, without knowing it, you wind up writing the same song... it may not sound the same, it may not feel the same... but it's the same song, fighting its way back, sometimes below your consciousness, looking for a new body, a more suitable vehicle... and it's done and suddenly... you can see the connection, you can see what you were after...

So... on this beautiful Sunday, with Astral Weeks blaring, the windows open, and a certain tangible happy melancholy lurking just below Van the Man's unparalleled vocals and Richard Davis' transcendent bass playing... a familiar title, a familiar obsession... a song back from the grave in search of a home... in search of (to paraphrase Lester Bangs on the very album that is forcing its way out the windows into my Northcenter neighbors' ears whether they like it or not) truth rather than fact...

THE BLUE I've wasted all my time On ordinary things Been hiding in the rhymes And melodies I sing No more, no more No more, no more I've wondered what it means To not believe in love Caught living in my dreams When my dreams just weren't enough No more, no more No more, no more The lines of life collide And break us into two The silences divide As we fade into the blue I've wandered through the night In search of quiet sleep Left trying to take flight On the broken wings I keep No more, no more No more, no more The lines of life collide And break us into two The silences divide As we fade into the blue