Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of Cats and Men

We got a Cat, a six month old male adopted from PAWS... he is, as yet, unnamed... he came with the name Bandit, but it doesn't suit his character and we haven't hit upon a good moniker.

He and the dog have gotten off to a pretty good start... Hendrix has been remarkably sweet and tolerant, and Cat is already showing signs of warming up to Hendrix... Adding a new animal to the 2010 mix has been an interesting twist... we have so much going on that we were unfazed when Cat's initial vet visit revealed he had a common parasite... the treatment was 5 days of oral medication followed by a bath... somewhat surprisingly, the oral medication administration was way more trying than the bath. 

Now that the medical trauma is (hopefully) over, we need a name...

Stay tuned.