Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow... Where have the weeks gone? Looks like 2009 will be characterized by barely-monthly postings here. We did the Chicago Triathlon in August and I thought once that was over, I'd have more time and energy to dedicate to this... But, alas.

So... In sum: We licensed the second Paper Arrows disc to a bunch of shows on a couple of TV networks (MTV, E!, Oxygen).

We signed with a college booking agent for 2010 and are hoping he gets us out on the road.

We (not Paper Arrows, but rather Andrea and I) did the Chicago Triathlon... and it was an incredible and successful experience.

We traveled to NYC (twice) and Vegas for weddings.

Quell initiated and finalized plans to release a couple records in the next six months not by Paper Arrows.

I've been continuing to plug away at writing the next Paper Arrows record... mostly writing early in the morning, routine I started back in the spring... I have to say, it's been challenging. I have about 15 or so songs done... very few have come easily. I keep waiting to kind of turn a corner on this group of songs but it hasn't happened yet...

I'm usually a two-for-one writer, i.e. I need to write two songs to get one that is good enough to record... meaning I'd like to have about 20 songs done before I think about recording... out of the 15 I have, maybe 6 or 7 are what I would consider strong enough... so I'm pretty close to the two for one ratio... Still... this record hasn't quite crystalized yet... the other two Paper Arrows records, maybe just by default and subject matter, had very clear turning points from a writing standpoint... songs I wrote that kind of focused the projects...

Although, upon further reflection... I do think I have the first and last songs written, the bookends... and that's something. So... I will keep pushing in the mornings, keep writing on the train... keep on looking for what this record will be... I know it will show itself.