Monday, June 28, 2010


Things are happening... albums are scheduled to be recorded, races are being run, lovers are getting united...

It's all wonderful. It's all a little unbelievable. Not that we're complaining.

We deserve to win sometimes. Or at least, set personal records. How many things have I done in the last 4 years that I thought I could never do? What is the common presence? Who is the common presence? Is triathloning (I am determined to make this word a verb... why not?) not the perfect metaphor for life? What a cheesy middle school lit class statement. 

Not metaphor as much as training... Triathloning is the perfect example of shit happens, figure it out, deal with it, move forward, manage pain, keep moving forward, finish. Do your best. Deal with the factors your can, manage the external circumstances beyond your control, of which there are MANY. 

That's the way life is... weird like that.

It pushes you towards people and things... sometimes without reason, sometimes so incredibly, so inexplicably, so tenuously... it's enough to make two perfect pagans believe that there's something out there... something at work... Something that every once in awhile, when you've been beaten down, when you've suffered through pain... when you've done your best, made mistakes, dealt with shit... when you've wished and wished and closed your eyes and wished some more and thought it was all for naught... Suddenly grants you your wishes.

And then... What's next?

What do you do when your wishes are granted?

You close your eyes and wish some more... And dismount from your bike, hustle into transition 2, pull your running shoes on... And shuffle out onto the run course on fatigued legs. With a big smile on your face.

A big smile on your tear-stained, blue-eyed face.