Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Verge

Today is quiet... Or rather, today I'm quiet. Things are on the verge. That's probably the best way to put it.

Things are on the verge. The transitional weather seems to have spilled over into life... or maybe, given this summer's revelations regarding meteorological concurrences, life has spilled over into the jetstream. But somehow everything feels new, or as if it's going towards newness. And that means, of course, acknowledging the old and finding a way to say goodbye to it... trying desperately to hold on to the good and to be at peace with the bad... And today feels on the verge.

Tomorrow... it's off to L.A. Can't wait. Maybe life will be on the verge from here on out... maybe that's the new thing. Maybe being on the verge means you're always taking chances, always pushing limits, always moving forwards... it may be uncomfortable at times, but maybe it's the price you have to pay for living true, for taking risks, for moving on from failures, for saying goodbye, for grieving and drying your tears, for walking out on the wire with no net...

Maybe that's The Verge. And maybe, just maybe... I'm finally okay with that.


September 20.


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