Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 and 300

As in 5 years I've been writing this blog and 300 posts... Wow, that's some perspective. Too much fucking perspective? I say, barbershop raga.

How is it that after getting rid of the day job I find myself with less time to write here...? Probably a good thing.

The new normal is fantastic but exhausting and I continue to be amazed at the proportion of having a career in music that involves administration. I guess it's really no different than any other career.

So... I would like to say I'll write more... there are many things to talk about... many new lyrics, many new successes... and writing here has, from the start, been an excellent way to crystalize my thoughts and feelings on a number of things, music-related and otherwise.

5 years gone away, singing broken songs, indeed.


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