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Resurrection '06

Resurrection '11

An added feature here at BurnBlogBurn today (and going forward): audio!  Slowly but haltingly my tech skills have crept up to the year 2006... the year in which I wrote the tune about which I'll be blogging today.

I managed to find the lyrics on March 10-11, 2006, and I dug up the very first demo I did of it, in my living room, in the summer of 2006.  It was the first time Jay and I worked together on anything and it was part of the batch of songs we tried for what would become Look Alive.

It didn't make the cut for Look Alive.

I demoed a different, more uptempo version for Things We Would Rather Lose.

It didn't make the cut for Things We Would Rather Lose.

Finally, I demoed it for In the Morning and I'm pretty sure we recorded it just because Jay was sick of hearing it demoed.

I only half-kid.

It actually fit the mood and theme of In the Morning pretty well so it made sense to go after it during the sessions... I seem to remember this was one of the last songs we did during the 3 days at IV... particularly noteworthy I think are Drew's keys (the Prophet!) and Darren's percussion.  I added an acoustic guitar and some weird electric overdubs with an eBow that build throughout the tune until they crest for the final chorus.  I enjoyed cutting the vocals very much because of where they sat in my range.

It's so weird to listen to the original demo version from my living room... in some ways, I like it best.  That living room session was a turning point for my entire musical career if not my life.  It was one of the first times I actually liked the sound of my voice on a recording.  It was recorded right after my ex-wife left.  Like the same week I think?  Or maybe the week before when a bunch of shit was going down and she wasn't coming home.  So the damage and vulnerability in my voice on the demo recording is very very real.  And touching to me.

Lyrically, it's very strange.  It's around the time I was just kind of writing things that grabbed me without much regard for what they meant, mysterious things that I think turned out to be my subconscious wrestling with unhappiness.

It seems to be a song about someone seeking things: faith, reassurance, comfort, love.  Security.

Funny that it took me until In the Morning to find it all and finally commit the song to tape.

Or maybe it's not funny at all.


Take this blood
For it's not mine
Take this sea
And make it wine
Take this mark
It's yours to wear
Take this cross
It's yours to bear

I'm on your side

Take this sand
It's yours to cross
Take this door
It's yours to lock
Take this air
It's yours to breathe
Take this heart
It's yours to leave

I'm on your side


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