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Listen to the home demo:

One last In the Morning-related post for the final and quietest song on the album: Near.

I'm posting the version from the record and the demo version because... I want to.  I like both of them.

The studio version features Drew playing some beautiful, beautiful piano.  We hadn't rehearsed this one at all (shocking): I just emailed him the demo version and we went over it as Shane was setting up the piano for recording.  Darren contributed by literally hanging half in the open piano and, at Drew's direction, helping to create the harmonic heard throughout by holding down one of the strings just so.  We ran the tune a few times to practice with me in the vocal booth doing rough vocals... and I think Drew captured the usable take on the second or third try.  I went back later and cut some quiet relaxed vocals.  The mix I believe uses primarily the room mics, which gives it an old ambient sound.

I think this song is simply lovely lyrically.  I'm most proud of having written something direct, sincere and sentimental without veering into sappy.

Near closes not only In the Morning but really the Paper Arrows three album cycle as a whole.  I wanted it to stand in contrast to the song When You Left which ends Look Alive: same key, same solo instrument backing, same sense of conclusion, but this time instead of the loss and emptiness and despair of When You Left we get the calm reassurance of Near.

We get the resolution of acceptance.

We get the promise of a future together.

We get the specific references that mean something only to me and one other person.

We get the window into what comes next, what comes after the deep blues fade into the bright blue sky.

We get...


Restless dreams are taking flight
Along the darkness of a quiet night
On the heights of the Avenue
We build our lives within these rooms

Close your eyes
I'll dry your tears
And when you wake
I'll be near

In the sky, beneath the planes
You breathe in time, I try to do the same
We rise at dawn, we ride the trains
And dream of growing old, of trembling again

Close your eyes
I'll dry your tears
And when you wake
I'll be near
When you wake
I'll be near


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