Thursday, June 01, 2006


I think I'm attempting some sort of pun on the word apocalypse (and no, I didn't watch the Spelling Bee), but I can't be sure.

You see, I'm at the end of the week, staring down a loaded weekend. There are good parts (two BRB shows, a birthday party) and not so good parts (work all day tomorrow, teach Saturday). And then there's the fact that I took my nightly Ambian about 45 minutes ago, which means... Morpheus is banging on my door like an angry creditor.

So before I give in to the inevitable, it bears mentioning that my plans to do some acoustic recordings of both BRB material and solo stuff are taking flight. I've got the man for the job and an approximate time frame. What I'm struggling with now is picking the material. I've got 14 to 15 tunes. In a perfect world, we'd do them all. But we don't have the time or the money.

So the next week will be about sorting through the songs, prioritizing, etc. Maybe even writing a new tune or two just for fun...

Such as: Skyscrapers of My Heart Woke from a dream where I was trying to get to you And save you from the next attack I've been knocked down and fixed so many times before I gave up awhile back While I'm sleeping They're all leaving me gone Another day has gone and left us in its wake Another week is in the past And as the waters fill the spaces in my chest I know these times will never last While I'm sleeping They're all leaving me gone


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